Company Profile

MOLS Group is one of the leading fastener suppliers in Taiwan, and has a particular chain system with screw factory, heat-treating plant and distributor that are specialized in offering quality screws for 30 years. Up to now, our various fasteners have been exported throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. We also take pride in gaining good reputation in U.S market by our top quality, especially in offering home appliance and construction fasteners for world-famous companies.

We are confident to satisfy you with the excellent quality, prompt delivery time, best service and competitive pricing as well. MOLS Group will do the best to create maximum benefits and offer satisfied service to our customers.


Main Product

● Self Tapping Screw / Self Piercing Screw

● Self Drilling Screw / Roofing Screw

● Thread Forming Screw

● Construction Screw

● Home Appliance Screw

● Customized Screw / OEM orders

Factory Equipment

● 80 sets of Heading Machines

   (#4~5/16", length 1/4"~3")

● 80 sets of Threading Machines

● 10 sets of Tek Point Clamping Machines

● 7 sets of Optical Sorting Machines


● 8 sets of Roller Sorting Machines

● 2 lines of Heating Furnace (Through-Harden)

● 6 lines of Carburizing Furnace (Case-Harden)

● 2 sets of Painting Machines

QC Equipment

● X-RAY Film Thickness Measuring Machine

● Profile Projector

● Drilling Tester

● Mounting Presser

● Abrasive Cutting Machine

● Grinder and Polisher

● Micro-Vickers Hardness Machine

● Rockwell Hardness Machine

● Tensile Strength Measuring Machine

● Torque Strength Measuring Machine

● Hydrogen Embrittlement Tester

● Salt Spray Test Machine

● Kesternich Cabinet Test Machine



Plant Area

28,000 M2